Lawn Services

Lawn Services

Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing

Here at The Lawn Company we use proper maintenance procedures to optimize the appearance of your lawn. Understanding the type of lawn is essential in helping us to choose the correct height to cut and how often to mow. Mowing cool season grasses to short can result in undesired stress, possibly causing insects, disease and unwanted weeds. No more than 1/3 of the blade of grass should be cut at any one time. We change the direction we mow every week when possible. This keeps the grass from laying over in one direction, reduces ruts in the lawn, and gives the yard a nice checkerboard look. 

Lawn Fertilizing

The properly applied fertilizer program will help grass grow strong, stay green, support in seedling development, aid in root growth, and will help the overall cell structure of grass by making it more resistant to disease and physical damage due to heavy foot traffic. At The Lawn Company we only use kid, pet and environmentally friendly fertilizers. Using the wrong products, using too much, or using too little when needed, will result in poor lawn health and make your lawn more susceptible to diseases. 
Lawn Aeration
This Aeration is quite possibly the most overlooked lawn care practice available today. Aeration relieves soil compaction and allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate deep down to the roots. The Aeration Process allows the lawn's root system to establish new root growth resulting in the lawn's ability to produce new top growth, which means more blades of grass, creating a thicker and healthier lawn for you. Aerating the lawn with a core aerator will leave small cores of soil on the surface, which in turn break down into your lawn through the decomposition process. Make sure to give your lawn the best aeration possible, it will certainly help!
Over Seeding

Over seeding is as simple as it sounds, yet it can mean the difference between dry, crabby grass and a vibrant lawn. Too many homeowners overlook the importance of over seeding in a healthy lawn treatment program. Without new seed to rejuvenate your lawn, your grass will grow old, tired and thin, causing weeds to take over your lawn. When over seeding, The Lawn Company uses a high grade formulated, weed free mix of grass seed over the existing grass. This helps fill in the bare and thinning patches throughout the lawn leaving your lawn looking fuller and overall healthier while providing a better more disease and drought tolerant grass variety.
Sprinkler Startup and Blowout

Sprinkler system start-ups are not just about getting your system up and running. It's about inspecting the entire system from top to bottom and making any necessary repairs or adjustments. This will ensure your summer will be maintenance free and you can enjoy your 10am golf tee time. The main function of a spring start-up is to get your system up and running. It also helps ensure you are receiving the maximum benefits from all services The Lawn Company offers.   
Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming and pruning are essential for proper growth. Maintaining your shrubs will add to the design of your landscape. A shrub trimming schedule is best for reducing the size and preventing overgrowth of shrubs. Most shrubs will display their appreciation for trimming with healthy, balanced growth.

Lawn edging is an important part of a good maintenance plan in keeping any lawn looking crisp and clean. Edging of the lawn around all cement sidewalk and driveway edges serves many purposes. It is a great way to help define borders, and create a barrier between the lawn and other areas of the landscape and most importantly It prevents the unsightly edge of grass from growing over the sidewalk. 
Snow Removal

We'll take over your snow removal this winter. Let's face it, you don't always have time to get out there after a good snow and clear your driveway and sidewalk. Or you may be unable to remove the snow due to injury or other physical limitations. We are here to help with prompt and effective snow removal all winter long.
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