Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimming

When To Trim Shrubs

Spring indicates the beginning of the growing season for shrubs and trees. Spring trimming is performed prior to leaves and buds sprouting. It is an ideal time since no foliage is present, thus making the trimming of the shrubs an easier process. Shrub trimming in the spring is the most important time for stimulating new branches and filling in the shape of your trees and shrubs.

Shrub trimming during the summer months, when growth is rampant, will prepare your shrubs for the fall season. Summer is the time to trim some growth off and remove dead flowers. You will be able to identify how much vegetation has grown and remove the necessary foliage.

Fall is the time to prepare the shrubs for the winter and the next growing season. This entails being more aggressive with shrub trimming. Fall is a great time to cut down perennials before they fall into a heap of brown foliage. If you are trying to remove unwanted growth one time per season, fall is the time.

Shrub trimming and pruning are essential for proper growth. Maintaining your shrubs will add to the design of your landscape. A shrub trimming schedule is best for reducing the size and preventing overgrowth of shrubs. Most shrubs will display their appreciation for trimming with healthy, balanced growth.
Without trimming, many shrubs can fall victim to disease and may suffer from crowding due to excess growth. Shrubs that have not been trimmed for a few seasons develop several problems. They grow too tall, have bare spots or lean into the yard.
Many shrubs need a seasonal trim to look good for the following year. Untrimmed shrubs will leave a shaggy and unattractive appearance. Eventually the overgrowth will flop over in wind and rain
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